quinta-feira, 16 de agosto de 2012

Hi guys,i am NarutoReal(my name in blogger is other),i am not fake,i am a creator of NarutoCraft/ShinobiCraft,and post in newers of blog,sorry for my english,i am brazilliam,and i am not use google translate,i am use the brain =D 1.0v Added Naruto Added Sakura Added Sasuke Added Deidara Added Madara Added Minato Added Kunai Added Chakra Added Rasengan Added Recipes Added Iron TNT Removed Iron TNT,For bug fix Six Paths of Creep(1.0v+addons) Added Pain Tendo Added Scroll Added Raiton Added Chidori Added Scroll Added Secret Item Added XP Change Recipe of Chakra Removed Recipes Sasuke and Naruto drops Chidori(Sasuke) Rasegan(Naruto) Sasuke its not rare Bye Dattebayo!